Say goodbye to waiting times

Say goodbye to waiting times as customers can now effortlessly check in themselves, ensuring a swift and efficient salon experience.

  1. Fast & Efficient Check-In Process
  2. Contactless Experience
  3. Scan QR Code for Mobile Check-In
  4. Instantly Prints Service Tickets
Loyalty Program
  1. Boost customer loyalty by send personalized messages for promotions and easily track points for a rewarding experience.
Salon Furniture
Technician Portal

This separate portal from POS is a
dedicated space for technicians to streamline their workflow.

Tech Turn
Easy Ticket Adjustment

After technicians finish a service, they can effortlessly scan the ticket, make necessary edits, and ensure it’s prepared for the checkout area.

Minimizes Traffic

The portal gives technicians individual
control, creating a distinction between
staff and reducing front desk disruptions.

Custom Furniture
Technician App

This convenient option puts control in the hands of your technicians, offering real-time insights.

✓ Detailed & Instant Earning Reports

✓ Schedule Management

✓ Real-Time Updates

Salon Furniture
Owner App

Seamlessly manage your salon
business on-the-go.

✓ Conveniency for Salon Owners

✓ Mobile Schedule Management

✓ View Full Schedule & Earning

Online Appointment Booking
Online Appointment Booking
  1. Your customers can schedule appointments from their mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  1. Convenient for Clients
  2. Avoid No-Shows
  3. Increased Efficiency
Text Message
  1. Your clients will receive convenient text message reminders, ensuring they never miss their appointment.
Custom Furniture
Technician Turn

✓ Improved Organization

✓ Enhanced Communication

✓ Reduced Waiting Times

Customize Turn Based on
Your Salon’s Needs:

✓ First Come First Serve

✓ Total Amount

✓ Type of Service

✓ Number of Turns

Salon Furniture
Easy Payroll Setup

Our software simplifies salon payroll
management, enhancing efficiency
and accuracy for owners.

✓ Easy to Set Up W2/1099

✓ Tip Reinburstment

✓ Automatic Till Close

✓ Deducts Salon Fees

✓ Streamlines Salon Operations

✓ Quick Salon Close


Our system takes the hassle out of
payroll calculations, ensuring
a smooth and efficient end to your salon day.

Say goodbye to waiting times
Simplified Check-Out

Save time at checkout with Spin Payment Processing, which simplifies the process to just one step.

Automatic Data Entry

Eliminates the need to type in payment information by automatically saving transaction details to the ticket from the terminal.

Fast Transactions

Our advanced SPIN payment processing links terminals and POS systems for easy, automated, and quick payments.