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Breathe Better

Work Better,
Breathe Better,
With D3-PureAire.

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Salon Furniture
Advanced Filtration System

Multiple layers of filtration captures up to 95% of nail dust and odors while providing pleasing aromas.

Custom Furniture
Stop Cancer-Causing Dust

Stop Cancer-Causing Dust
Nail particles are so small they can defeat your body’s natural particle filters, causing a wide range of health problems. Our filter system effectively captures these harmful chemicals and particles, which can enter your bloodstream.

Activated Carbon Filter

Our 9-pound activated carbon filter captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can cause nerve and kidney damage. It also reduces unpleasant chemical odors.

Custom Furniture
Incorporated With Pleasant Scents

Improve the smell of your salon with relaxing scents. Pick from a variety of delightful aromas for you and your customers to enjoy.