About Us

D3 Salon Solution is your source for all salon solutions in one place. Whether you want to create a new salon or upgrade your current salon, we have everything you need for your salon to be successful.
The idea for our company began from a nail technician working in Raleigh, NC. After recognizing problems in local nail salons, we wanted to make a change in quality of products, health and convenience. D3 Salon Solution was then created, to provide these solutions, improving the lives of technicians and customers. Today, our rapidly growing team is proud to serve nail salons all across the state and beyond.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At D3 Salon Solution, we are devoted to our client’s success, helping them stay competitive in the beauty industry by providing targeted solutions for their salon’s needs.
We want technicians everywhere to work under safe and healthy conditions, improving their quality-of-life. With our services, we help to provide a better, more comfortable experience overall.

Our Team


Duc Tran

Business Solution Consultant

Thanh Pham

CAD Engineer

Min Kim

Software Support

Abril Ferreira

Director Of Operations

Kristie Nguyen

Graphic Designer

Vicky Enuol


Van Duong

Video Director

Quinn Norman

Operations Manager

Nicholas Tran

Developer Manager

Du Le

Graphic Designer

Johnny Cole


Long Khanh Nguyen